Our Story

Our story begins with founder, Alisa Jane Hoodikoff, who was born in New York and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine for 20 years.

Our movement was started by artist, Alisa Hoodikoff. While growing up around high corruption in Eastern Europe, Alisa had been familiar with the signs of sex trafficking. She always had a heart for the victims of modern slavery. Later, she moved to the States to pursue her artistry & photography career. While adjusting to new culture, Alisa noticed modern slavery was still noticeable and felt the need to bring awareness. Through the arts, she envisioned a pop-up art exhibition to spread sex trafficking awareness. Today, Alisa’s team of volunteers dream to continue hosting exhibitions in the United States and eventually internationally. Alisa recently founded the movement in January 2019. Since then, she has been curating art, designing t-shirts and preparing for Slavery Still Exists’s first art exhibition

“The human life is precious and valuable. To think that people are stolen and abused for money is unbelievable. Since, Justice and Beauty have always been my highest values, I wanted to create an event where I can combine the two together to fight against slavery.” – Alisa Jane

Alisa Jane’s artwork will be available for purchase at the event, 50% of her proceeds will be contributed to the organization, Justice For Youth, who helps spread awareness in Moldova and Ukraine.

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